This guided trip, which will happen over 39 days, is an epic journey that seeks to ‘traverse’ Tasmania on foot and raft from north to south. While sections are covered by road and light plane, it does include a long walk from the north coast all the way to Lake St Clair. It then heads into Frenchmans Cap, does 8 days on the mid and lower Franklin River, before flying to Melaleuca on the west coast and one final, extended walk along the South Coast Track.

While its supported (meals, transport logistics and guiding included) and beyond the means of most people (it costs more than $13,000) it is certainly a once in a lifetime adventure. Occassionally people attempt to cross the island on foot (for instance, last winter Belgian adventurer Louis-Phillippe Loncke completed the first ever mid winter traverse of Tasmania). But this supported trip, which includes relaxation/ down time between the sections, would be an amazing trip.

The trip covers the Coast to Cradle Trail from the north coast to Cradle Valley, then joins the Overland Track, with a transfer by road from the southern end of the track to the Frenchmans Cap trail, then joining the Franklin River at the Irenabyss before rafting the river, then by boat and light plane to finish with the South Coast Track. Epic!

It starts on the 9th of February and is being run by Tasmanian Expeditions.

You can read all the details here.