The north end of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair national park is the gateway to the famous Overland Track. There are a small number of tourist developments in the area, which provide accommodation outside the park, and plans are underway to build a major new tourist centre and a gondola from the centre to Dove Lake.

A new $20 million development for has just been announced, which will be a 62-room luxury development called My Cradle. The developers are Simon McDermott and S.Group and the site is located at 4004 Cradle Mountain Road, between Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge and Devils @ Cradle.

According to a report by Kasey Wilkins in The Examiner,

‘S.Group director Sam Haberle said the architecture for the development aimed to celebrate the land.

“This is a beautiful site. It’s the only site in Cradle Mountain with accommodation where you can actually see the mountain,” he said.

“The architecture is all about bringing that essence of place.”

The development would also include private walking tracks and a stargazing platform.

“We started off looking at a six-room establishment, and as Sam and the guys got involved it’s now gone out to about a 62-room complex,” Mr McDermott said’.

The proposal needs approval from Kentish Council.

Mr McDermott said he hoped the development would be up-and-running by 2020.

The development website can be found here.