December 11 is International Mountain Day.

The United Nations says:

“Almost one billion people live in mountain areas, and over half the human population depends on mountains for water, food and clean energy. Yet mountains are under threat from climate change, land degradation, over exploitation and natural disasters, with potentially far-reaching and devastating consequences, both for mountain communities and the rest of the world. Mountains are early indicators of climate change.”

The theme for 2018 is #MountainsMatter.

The UN Food and Agriculture organisation lists many reasons why mountains matter: for food, water, biodiversity, tourism, for indigenous people, and so on. These are all true. However, mountains are much more than just playing a ‘crucial role … in providing key ecosystem goods and services’. They’re places of beauty, adventure, solitude, spiritual renewable. And so much more.

In the lead up to December 11, I would welcome you sharing your story of why #MountainsMatter to you. You could:

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[IMAGE: The Acropolis and Mt Geryon, central TAS]