The ‘eco tourism’ development planned for Lake Malbena will introduce ‘helicopter tourism’ to the central plateau of Tasmania. Approvals have been ‘waved through’ by the federal government, despite three official expert bodies lashing the proposal or calling for it to be rejected.

The decision threatens to open the floodgate to a host of other private tourism operations proposed for the World Heritage-listed area.

In a new development, the senate has called on federal Environment Minister Melissa Price to conduct a full assessment of the Lake Malbena development, including public consultation.

According to a report in the Tasmanian Times,

Greens Senator Nick McKim successfully passed a motion that pointed out the major problems with the development and approvals process.

“This development represents the privatisation of some of the most precious areas of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area,” Senator McKim said.

The people of Tasmania are clear – they don’t support this development.”

“Nor do they support the selling out of our magnificent wilderness.”

“It is now incumbent on the Minister to call this project in.”