Another year has flashed by.  Hard to believe its almost the end of 2018! Between life, work, family and mountain obsessions, I’ve been finding it hard to keep on top of all the mountain-related things that are happening around the country.

I’m VIC based, and so Mountain Journal tends to be VIC-centric. There is so much going on in Tasmania, especially with the threats to world heritage areas as a result of the development of commercial tourism. And there are so many events across the Alps that I just can’t cover them all. Coverage of the NSW Alps tends to be patchy (and big thanks to people from north of the border who are sending news items through).

So, this is an invitation for you to send content. If you’re organising something or aware of good events that are happening, please send them through.

The interviews and profiles are always popular and I would welcome additional offerings (check here for some recent profiles).

Stories covering environmental politics (for instance the recent Save Kosci walk) are wildly popular, so please send in items, as are stories on positive sustainability initiatives being taken by businesses in the alpine areas.

Check the About section for further details on contributing.

Thanks. Hoping you have a great summer.