The public debate about the plan to build a cable car up the east face of kunanyi/ Mt Wellington in Hobart continues to rage. The developer intends to do test drilling soon, and local residents group Respect the Mountain – No Cable Car – is planning to protest against this.

A discussion has now flared about indigenous attitudes to the proposal.

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre has stated that a cable car will create a “deep wound across our hearts”. In what can only be seen as an insensitive move, cable car proponent Adrian Bold has said that the Mt Wellington Cable Car (MWCC) company are “investing heavily in an architectural layout to tell their story when they are ready to engage”. He’s been trying to ring and says they won’t return his calls, and describes this as a “sad situation”. The whole colonisation process in Australia has seen colonisers refuse to listen to indigenous people. You would hope that in the 21st century, corporations and governments have learnt to listen. ‘No’ clearly means ‘no’. To refuse to accept this position, on the assumption that Aboriginal groups will eventually ‘come around’ is an approach that should have been left behind centuries ago.