Mountain Sports Collective will be running a series of FREE Introduction to Advanced Backcountry sessions this season. These events are for participants who are eager to step beyond the patrol lines and learn the skills required to pursue extended ski touring (both skiing and split boarding). This is nominally everything you need to know to travel over a variety of alpine terrain (Skiing / Skinning and ALPINE Climbing) and overnight (the eDVANCED bit).


The dates for the academy will be the last Thursday and Friday of the month, with a classroom session in Melbourne and the vicinity of each venue on the preceding Tuesday night.

The academy will be broken down into 4 modules:

  • Traveling in the snow
  • Recognising and travelling in Avalanche Terrain
  • Living in the Snow – Snowcraft and survival (enjoyment?)
  • Emergencies, contingencies and first aid.

This is not an ‘Avalanche Safety Training Certification’ or ‘Wilderness first aid’. It is introduction to the concepts contained within that training. Each event is limited to 20 participants with a guide ratio of 1 to 5.

We will have more details about the specific events and who will provide the modules closer to the date.


  • Mount Stirling 27th / 28th JUNE
  • Falls Creek 25th / 26th JULY
  • Mount Hotham 29th / 30th AUGUST
  • Main Range 26th / 27th SEPTEMBER

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