Climate change poses an existential threat to the mountains and winter environment that we love and rely on. In Australia, winter snow is already in decline, and has been since 1957.

And climate scientists keep warning us that we are running out of time to cut greenhouse emissions and head off future climate impacts. With the Coalition being re-elected, Australia now has no leadership on climate change (and our carbon emissions continue to soar), so we need everyone to put their shoulder to the wheel.

With the failure of the federal government to act, there is a huge need for the states to continue their work on energy policy. In the ACT, the Government has legislated a target of sourcing 100% renewable electricity by 2020. States around the world, from California to Colorado to New York are also showing leadership and setting deep emission reduction targets and high renewable energy targets.

And now we have a fantastic opportunity to see Victoria take the step towards transforming its energy system and economy. We have just four weeks to send in submissions to the Victorian government on the state’s first interim Emissions Reduction Targets. The state government must announce targets for 2025 and 2030 by March next year. Targets which are based on climate science, rather than what is deemed ‘politically expedient’, will drive down emissions and start the transition from coal to renewables.

The Murdoch media will continue to undermine efforts to tackle the climate crisis. And a number of fossil fuel companies and business groups are already pushing the Victorian government for low ambition. We need to mobilise a huge volume of submissions from the community to get the government on the right track and over ride the influence of the blockers.

Please send a submission – it takes about a minute

It would be fantastic if you could send in a submission. All the info is available here.

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has put together an online submission tool to allow people to have their say before the 22 July deadline.

It only takes a minute or two to send a submission but it will make a big difference.

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For background information on the emission reduction targets and why we need deep targets, please check here.

Victoria can’t solve the climate crisis on it’s own. But it needs to play it’s part in the global efforts to stop the looming climate crisis. This is our best chance to start the transition in Victoria.


Future generations will thank us for our efforts.