Falls Creek Cross Country are excited to announce the first High Plains Festival!

It will happen over the weekend of August 31/ September 1, operating from the Centre at Windy Corner in Falls Creek resort.


The program


Explore the beauty of the Bogong High Plains in the Alpine National Park. There will be four tours, catering to a range of skills:

  • Mt Nelse
  • Wallace’s hut
  • Mt Nelse
  • Mt McKay

All tours start from Windy Corner shelter. The day will finish with beers, local wine and food at the Centre from 5pm.


There will be lessons and workshops – including snow shoeing and telemark.

Equipment: you will need a day pack, full wet gear, lunch, snacks, water.

Fitness to participate: Need to be able to undertake the tour you have signed up for.

Price for Saturday’s tour: $60 for 1 person, $100 for 2, $150 fro 3, $10 extra per person of the same family for groups larger than 4 people.

Further information

Facebook event page available here.

For full details (and to register) please check here.