Community members from Warburton are attempting to stop the proposed logging coupes on and surrounding Mt Bride.

They say that “logging this area will reduce water security as the proposed coupes are within water catchment areas and it has long been recognised that logging has a negative impact on water yield”. The mountain has great value to many locals for a range of reasons.

To highlight community concern about the imminent logging plans, they have organised a walk up the mountain which is open to all interested people. It will happen on March 21.

The organisers say:

“This beautiful sacred mountain behind the caravan park in Warby, is our second tallest seen from the valley, its height is 900m above sea level. VicForests have plans to log part of Mount Bride asap – home of ancient gums, four different types of gliders, koalas, wallabies, owls, Leadbeater’s possums, dozens of gorgeous bird species, cool temperate rainforest and countless little beings – a logging practice which is scientifically proven to increase the risk of catastrophic bushfires.

And just 4km from Warburton, risking our safety and killing our wildlife. The area planned to be logged now is called ‘Apu’. If logging proceeds- the scar will be seen from east Warby when people travel back from the redwoods.

However other areas on Mt Bride are also on the Timber Release Plan, which if logged will be visible from parts of Warburton, be next to the proposed mountain bike trails and in a regional site of rainforest significance.

So much insanity, so close to home. We’re going to walk from the river to the mountaintop for this year’s community pilgrimage project which we’ve held for the last 5 years.

Details of meeting time, walking route and return time will be confirmed soon, but please register your interest – tell your friends, and let’s walk to protect this beautiful being.

WHEN:Saturday, March 21, 2020 at 9 AM – 5 PM.

Stay up to date via the facebook page for this event.
Mt Bride