Mountain Journal is a celebration of mountains and the mountain life. Apart from covering issues relating to the Australian Alps and Tasmania, we have tried to acknowledge and celebrate mountain culture, for instance through running interviews with people who have long and deep connection with the hills.

So it was a delight to discover The Mountain Cosmos website, which hosts podcast interviews with people whose lives are focused on mountains, here and overseas.

It is the work of Rouchelle Gilmore.

Rouchelle says:

“The mountains have a strong pull for many people. Everyone has there own story of how they come to live in the mountains or choose to escape to the mountains casually. Some people are born in the mountains and do not know any other way of life, others come from big cities, boring flat lands and everything in-between. There are some pretty awesome people out in these places”.

This is a podcast about life in the mountains.

The mission of The Mountain Cosmos is to share stories from a diverse range of people who have something to do with mountain life.

There are a growing number of stories on the site, with people like:

  • Hotham legend DJ Eddy
  • Pro skier Caite Zeliff
  • Head of Hotham ski patrol Bill Barker
  • Jackson Hole local and co-founder of the Jackson Hole Babe Force, Crystal Wright

Rouchelle adds:

“Mostly my time is divided between mountain life in Australia and Jackson Hole in the States. Where I work as a ski instructor. In my off seasons I am back in my native land of Perth in Western Australia”.

You can find the site here.

HEADER IMAGE: Rouchelle Gilmore.