Back in early March (that seems like two years ago) Protect Our Winters (POW) launched #CrushItForClimate which asked people who love the outdoors to support POW’s efforts to ‘educate, organize and advocate on climate change’.

The idea was to get outdoors and do what you love, while also supporting POW’s work. Since then, more than 400,000 people have been inspired to embark on a climate advocacy journey while scaling and achieving their goals, even as the Coronavirus lockins started.

If you check the Instagram account there are wonderful images of people running, climbing, skiing, riding, and paddling in incredible landscapes. But now its starting to transition into indoor pursuits. It’s definitely worth a look for some couch bound inspiration.

POW says ‘even during quarantine, #CrushIt4Climate didn’t stop with living room wall sits and backyard squat challenges. 

For instance, check out POW Founder, Jeremy Jones’ challenge to chat with people who might not agree with him about climate. Or POW Alliance member, Josh Jespersen’s challenge to talk with 31 lawmakers (for every day in March) about public lands and climate. 

Although March is closing out and the first wave of #CrushIt4Climate is coming to an end, the movement isn’t over. Even during uncertain times, we promised to help you protect the outdoor places and lifestyles you love––so we’re going to keep crushing it for climate, and we hope you will too.

We especially want to hear how you’re crushing it so we can share it and inspire others. Taking a walk to clear your head? Talking about climate change with friends? Challenging your buds to call their representatives? Get POW in the loop!
Post you images and use the hashtag to be involved.
Check Protect Our Winters for further info.