This current burst of cold has certainly made the conversation about ski season more real. Many of us are expecting an announcement – at least in Victoria – by mid May (the 11th is the date that the Victorian government will announce what next for the society wide lock down). The NSW police commissioner has said the state’s restrictions on outdoor movements and public gatherings would remain in force for at least 90 days, but that he was hopeful of being able to relax them beyond that date: 29 June.

For business operators, international instructors, local staff, and all snow lovers the wait is agonising.

I recently posted a poll on twitter, asking what people thought would happen this winter: a full ski season. Late start. Or no season at all – with or without the option of backcountry skiing. It was a small group that responded, but around 2 thirds felt there would be no season.

We don’t know what will happen so all we can do is hope for the best and plan those winter adventures.

After many weeks of lock down, many of us are getting cabin fever. What are your plans for this winter?

These are my favourite three winter trips in TAS, NSW and VIC.

But there is month’s worth of adventure to be had in our mountains if you’re keen/ insane/ don’t mind a suffer fest:

  • who’s been into Gable End in winter? Above Lake Tali Karng and many miles by ski across the Wellington Plains
  • or skiied into Mt Howitt from the south over Mt Lookout. Couple of days skiing/ walking across the Snowy Range
  • been into the Cobberas in NE VIC
  • climbed and skied/ ridden Mt Rufus in Tasmania
  • done that long wet walk along the Loddon Valley to Frenchmans Cap
  • Jagungal in the northern Snowies (of course)
  • Mt McDonald and Mt Clear – a long journey in from The Bluff/ Mt Lovick in winter


And while we’re on the topic of inspiring suffer fests, have you seen Mark Oates film of the winter traverse he and his brother did of the Australian Alps Walking Track in the winter of 2018?


And have you seen the Climb8 expedition organised by Terra Roam:  an 800km team snowshoe expedition across the Australian Alps during winter 2020 bringing together adventure, science, community and conservation. Fingers crossed it can happen!