Anyone who is paying attention knows that climate change poses an existential threat to the mountains we love so much. From more intense fire seasons to less snowpack and less water in the rivers, change is coming, and we need to act now as a global community before we become locked in to catastrophic climate change.

In Victoria, where we still mostly rely on dirty coal to make our electricity, we have a chance to steer our economy towards clean, renewable energy. That chance comes from the fact that the Victorian government soon needs to set emission reduction targets (ERTs) for the years 2025 and 2030.

As part of one last push to influence the government, we hope you will join this simple ‘selfie’ action, and tell the government you want to see serious climate action.

Post a selfie to let Premier Dan Andrews know what climate targets you want him to deliver for Victoria.

The Morrison government’s failure to tackle the climate crisis leaves communities exposed to intensifying bushfires, heatwaves, droughts, extreme weather and rising sea levels. 

Now more than ever we need Victoria to show national leadership. 

By setting science-based targets that are bold and ambitious the Andrews government will continue the rollout of renewables, increase investment in Public Transport, lock-in thousands of jobs, and help prevent catastrophic climate impacts.

Read more about what targets are needed and where are other jurisdictions headed.

To ensure this Day of Action works, we need the largest cache of selfies as possible to publish on the day. 

It will happen on Sunday November 29. The Facebook page for the event is available here.


1. Read this article and present the desired level of ambition for the Emissions Reduction Targets >

2. Write the target you want on a piece of paper and snap a selfie. (To put a community face to the call for ambition).

3. Upload the photo here so we can publish at least 100 on the day.