Mountain Journal covers anything that seem relevant to mountain environments and mountain culture here in south eastern Australia and lutruwita/ Tasmania. It has a strong outdoor adventure and environmental protection ethos, which influences what issues we cover.

As we move into the end of year reflections, I wanted to ask readers what they enjoy and what they want to see more of on the website.

This is also an offer for you to submit your content. Being based in Victoria, that’s the main focus of my stories. I would welcome any offers of content or even if you would like to be a regional reporter or cover a specific topic (come on, surely we need a regular column on ‘skin systems for splitboards’).

From a quick glance, over the past year, the most visited sections of the site include:

  • Backcountry skiing and riding guides, such as the Hotham Sidecountry guide
  • Stories on First Nation connection to the High Country
  • The various stories on feral horses in the mountains
  • The follow up on last summers fires in the mountains, including the ecological impacts, the economic impacts on businesses, and the federal government’s response to the Royal Commission)
  • Stories about the connection between climate change, fire and mountain forests
  • Backcountry walking guides such as the ‘Ducane traverse’ in lutruwita/ Tasmania)

So I assume these are the type of things of most interest to the MJ readers. But I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please feel free to add your thoughts below or on the MJ facebook page or email me ( or fill out this quick survey. Thanks.