Bushfires are becoming more frequent and the bushfire season is coming earlier and lasting longer because of climate change.

These longer fire seasons in Australia are not “normal”. They are being driven by human induced global heating (climate change). Unless we act now to reduce our emissions in line with what climate science suggests, we will become locked in to ever worsening fire seasons. We know that climate driven fires pose an extreme threat to mountain environments like Alpine Ash and Snow Gums.

The Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance (AFCA) has launched a new campaign, asking firefighters to post an image of themselves on a fireground, and demanding the Austrtalian government act on climate change.

The AFCA say

‘Firefighters across the country are today launching the #ClimateFire campaign. Driven by a shared value of meaningful climate action, grassroots firefighters are getting organised. The Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance unites volunteer and career firefighters who want to see their governments commit to meaningful climate action.

‘Firefighters are on the frontlines of Climate Change and they see firsthand how conditions are deteriorating. The challenge of keeping our homes and towns safe in a warming climate is becoming untenable’.

Full details on the campaign are here:


The AFCA facebook page is here.


You can find AFCA on Instagram here.

Please use the hashtag #climatefire if posting images.