Over the past two winters, Mountain Journal has produced an annual print edition (2021 available here and 2022 here – this was a collaboration with Mandy Lamont’s La Mont magazine).

Based on the feedback we have been getting, I decided to produce one over summer as well – and this is your chance to get involved.

The plan is to stick with the current format, with a series of sections with specific focus. If you would like to contribute a story/ images, please get in touch.

News from Home

Environmental news from across the Alps. I would love an update on the efforts to manage feral horse populations, commercial development within national parks and World Heritage Areas, and any other local enviro news you would like to share.

Around the Fire – chats with mountain people

These profiles are always popular. For an example of what I’m looking please check previous editions.

Mountain Culture

What’s happening that’s mountain related: films, print, websites, books, interesting new businesses, events, etc.

Off track

This is intended to be a story on an unusual adventure: in 2021 we had a packrafting trip across the central plateau of Central Tasmania and in 2022 it was an epic rafting descent of the Dargo River.


I would love to get a strong mountain related image for use on the cover.

MJ is a 100% volunteer venture so I can’t offer you payment for your work. But you will get to be read by people in special places like Cleve Cole hut and the bakery in Mt Beauty!

I would be looking for content by early December. Magazine will be produced/ distributed from January onwards.

Please get in touch. Cam.walker@foe.org.au