Well known Tasmanian landscape photographer Grant Dixon self-published his book WINTER LIGHT, featuring the Tasmanian mountain landscape in the winter of 2020. This book was generously-described by Paul Hoelen, NZIPP Grand Master of Photography, as possessing “some of the most exquisitely perfect production qualities I have ever seen in a landscape photography book”. Winter Light is now out of print, but Grant was inspired and encouraged to work on a second book of similar quality drawing on his other Tasmanian material.

Grant has recently announced the publication of this new book, WILD LIGHT, and it can be pre-ordered now at the pre-publication price of $85 (RRP will be $95), and he is relying on such pre-orders to make publication viable. The book will be available in November 2022.

In his foreword to WILD LIGHT, conservationist and writer, Geoff Law, states: “This book of photographs …. is the product of attributes developed by Grant over the course of five decades. These include his unquenchable thirst for adventure, his physical endurance, his finely honed photographic instincts, his artistry in composing images, his intimate knowledge of the Tasmanian wilderness, and his reverence for wild places.

“WILD LIGHT is … a compelling call for enlightened management of the world’s wild places.”

Wild Light contains 95 sublime images of the wild Tasmanian landscape, including its rocky basement, cloak of vegetation and rugged mountains, and also features Tasmania’s subantarctic outpost, Macquarie Island.

WILD LIGHT is a top quality book in the Tasmanian tradition of fine art productions and of using photography to activate awareness of the environment. The hard cover, 30cm x 23.5cm, 128 page book is printed on environmentally-friendly FSC-certified paper.

Order now

Order your copy of WILD LIGHT now, and maybe a second copy as a present for someone, at a pre-publication price. Or bundle it with next year’s WILD TASMANIA calendar, featuring images by both Grant Dixon and Rob Blakers. You can also purchase a large archival print of one of the images from the book.

To pre-order, see here.

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