glacierbay-336x190Ok, it’s late summer. Its been stinking hot, dry, and fires have been going for weeks in East Gippsland and a number of spots in the high country. We still have a long warm spell ahead of us.

We all need some cheering up. This short film from Mark Allen, and coming via Backcountry magazine may do the job. Nine days of snow storms sounds kind of like a nice option when compared with the smokey humidity of late February … Enjoy.

The blurb about the film:

“Outdoor Research Athletes Mark Allen and Sheldon Kerr have grand ideas of first ski descents in a remote area of Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska. After hiring a bush pilot to fly them deep into the park from Haines everything goes well, at first. The ski mountaineering powder fest turns in to some major tent time and days filled by camp maintenance while pinned in a storm for 9 days. The two try to figure out how to stay fed with 7 days of rations in an unchanging situation. Once the two learned the pilot was not coming back, the adventure began”.