The Australian Alps Walking Track, formerly called the Alpine Walking Track, stretches more than 600 kilometres through the mountains of Victoria and New South Wales.

Isabel Brown is planning to walk the track to raise awareness about the treatment of refugees in mandatory Detention in Australia.

She says:

The conditions in mandatory detention are deplorable. I will not be silent! This walk is to raise awareness and hopefully give a voice to asylum seekers that have been forced into silence and mistreated by my own country.

It is not humane or ethical to treat asylum seekers in our detention centres in the way we do, children, pregnant mothers, fathers, little toddlers, frail grandmothers, grandpas and teenagers, are being marginalised and mistreated.

I’ve decided to walk the Australian Alps Walking Track. The Track is 655 kilometres long, and ranked the hardest walk in Australia. I’m walking to raise awareness and funds for a sadly marginalised group – asylum seekers in mandatory detention. I hope to help Australians become more aware of the Australian government’s inhuman treatment of asylum seekers. I ask you to examine the Government’s policies to see if you agree with how asylum seekers are treated.

They are ordinary people just like you and me. The ONLY difference is they are persecuted and running for their lives. Please ask yourself: “Is this an ethical, humane and caring way to treat other people let alone desperate people (children too) often in danger, running for their lives?” and “Do I support a Government that treats men, women, and small defenceless children in this way?” The Syrian refugees you see on the television are the same type of people locked in our detention centres. Is this the right way to treat others?

I am one small person; I’m not able to achieve all this on my own. But through your support whether that is through spreading the word or donating we can bring about change for the better. I hope we can show asylum seekers that there are many concerned, humble and loving Australians out there.

Isabel plans to start walking from the tracking station at Tidbindilla and head to the Murrumbidgee river in mid October 2015, and hopes to finish the walk just before Christmas.

You can find a facebook page for the walk here and Isabel’s website can be found here.


November 4. The walk is underway, and Isabel is now a third of the way through the walk. There is an article from the Canberra Times here.