The iconic ridge on an iconic mountain – Blade Ridge on Federation Peak in south west Tasmania. Any climber who has been in there will have marvelled at that incredible spine of rock. Normally the thought of just getting to the base of the ridge through relentless scrub is enough for you to put it in the ‘Yeah. No’ category of dream trips.

But one group of climbers have been in to the Blade to climb it, in winter. They are now making a film about the trip and have launched a crowdfund campaign. Check below for full details.


Winter on the Blade began as a far fetched idea to undertake an adventure to an incredible place with the hope of bringing a group of people together to achieve something truly memorable.

Our aim was to achieve the first winter ascent of the notorious Blade Ridge on Tasmania’s Federation Peak and document the ascent by making a film. Labelled by Sir Edmund Hillary as ‘Australia’s only real mountain’, Federation Peak is not the tallest mountain in the world, it’s not even the tallest in Australia, but fewer people get to the summit of Federation Peak these days than get to the summit of Mt Everest. The reason for this is its location. It’s deep in the heart of Tasmania’s rugged Southwest Wilderness.

Pozible page and trailer for the film is here.

You can follow the progress of the film on facebook.