In a worrying move, the ALP in Tasmania has announced that it will allocate $30 million if they win the next state election towards the cable car which is planned for the Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania.

The idea for a cable car was raised in a Master Plan for the Cradle Valley section of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park, which was developed by the Cradle Coast Authority.

The cable car would connect the Cradle Mountain visitor centre to Dove Lake. Construction of the cable car would require the Commonwealth Government to chip in another $30 million.

According to media reports, during the 2016 election, federal Labor leader Bill Shorten pledged $15 million towards the Cradle Mountain MasterPlan while the Liberals pledged $1 million for a feasibility study.

At a state level, however, the Liberals have already provided $21.8 million to another part of the MasterPlan: a new visitors centre.

While there are various positive components in the Master Plan, there are significant concerns about the cable car. From our earlier report:

‘This seems like an extreme version of gadget tourism. It will be incredibly expensive and so will be difficult to fund. It would require a not insignificant physical footprint to build, and it would be a major new piece of privately owned infrastructure that crosses into a World Heritage Area listed national park’.

Check here for some analysis of the Master Plan and cable car proposal by the Tasmanian National Parks Association.

The next election in Tasmania needs to be held ‘no later’ than 19 May.