It’s 2019! A new year. Always a good chance to reflect on life. And what’s a good life without some plans for some new adventures? In any field of adventure, there are epic journeys which serve to inspire us. As a long distance walker, you might day dream about the South Coast Track in Tassie or the Australian Alps Walking Track, a backcountry boarder or skier may have their eyes on the western slopes of the Snowy Mountains, or a XC tourer may dream about doing the Kiandra to Kosci crossing.

If you’re a bike packer, then surely the ultimate trip in Australia is the Hunt 1000.

Its described as a 1,000 km journey by bike ‘through the rooftop of Australia along backcountry trails, across exposed high plains, through snow gum woodlands and among tall native forests. The trail links two of major cities (Canberra and Melbourne) with limited resupply points and some of Australia’s best high country campsites’.

The Hunt 1000 is envisaged as a 7 day bike packing ride. It is the brain child of Daniel Hunt.

In this story packed with great images, Adrian Davis shares his experience of riding the Hunt 1000.

You can read the story here.