Mountain Sports Collective (MSC) is reporting a large avalanche on the Etheridge Ridge in the Main Range of the Snowy Mountains and other avalanche activity in the area, including Leatherbarrell Creek. A person was caught in the main slide and partially buried, but was uninjured. This highlights the need to be very mindful of conditions in the backcountry at present.

The Etheridge ridge is near Seamans hut.

MSC report:

“Confirming what the data has been pointing at, large slides possible as these top layers find cohesion and begin to ‘slab off’ quicker than the mending in the layers of the pack and bonding to the warmer slick bed surface (-2˚) . It’s super cold down there in the new snow (-5˚ / -8˚ higher up) so this hazard is ongoing.

The below ‘involvement’ occurred during the first warming event (+1˚ at midday Tuesday) since the storm and hence the continued ‘High Danger’ rating being issued via this service. This east aspect of ‘Etheridge’ is steeper than it appears in this photo, not exactly a conservative terrain choice and a close call. Not fatal, with only a head and arm above the debris. Remember, most incidents occur on Moderate and considerable danger rating so the below summary urges vigilant consideration of avalanche hazard required for safe travel in the backcountry”.

Simon Murray from MSC reports that the slide was triggered by someone being on the slope. They were mostly buried by the slide and had to be dug out by other skiers. No injuries were reported.

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