Endangered snow leopards or mountain gorillas? Not in Australia – but we do have native animals and plants threatened with extinction, right here in the Upper Ovens Valley.

The Upper Ovens Valley Landcare Group is hosting a special community event on Saturday June 19 to explore the ecology of some of these very special local species, why they are at risk and what can be done about it.  

Where does the Mountain Pygmy Possum live? Will this tiny possum be able to survive in the mountains with little or no snow?  And will the Long footed Potoroos survive more frequent fires?

How did platypus go feeding in sediment laden rivers after the fires? 

Do you know about Spotted Tree Frog or Macquarie Perch; two threatened aquatic animals of our streams and rivers?

And that is just a few of the animal species…there are many more threatened plants and plant communities to discuss.

Peter Jacobs, president of the Upper Ovens Valley Landcare said “Very rarely is there the opportunity locally to hear, ask questions and share stories with such a well-informed bunch of people.

We will be lucky enough to have number of outstanding people in their field including

Neville Walsh, Chief Conservation Botanist National Herbarium of Victoria,

Glen Johnson, Ecologist and Regional Biodiversity Recovery Coordinator, DELWP, 

Sakib Kazi, Researcher, Zoos Victoria, and

Dan Brown, Biodiversity and Fire, Parks Victoria.   

Everyone is welcome so please join us in Bright at Senior Citizens Hall on Saturday 19 June, starting with a light lunch at 12.00 noon and finishing by 4.30pm.  

Due to Covid restrictions and for catering purposes registration is essential.   

Use the QR code to book or email or ring event organizer Gill: peopleinnature@bigpond.com or 0418 561 827