Over the past two years, we have produced two printed versions of the Mountain Journal. The first one focused on Where are we? (Visions from First Nations people about their aspirations for the Alps). The second focused on Giving back to the mountains (profiles on some of the many people doing good things in the mountains, like campaigning, guiding, ski patrolling and restoration work and so on).

The third issue (due out around New Year) will look at the people who came before us and who built our knowledge of the value of the high country, influenced our views of the mountains, and worked to have them protected.

Some of the elders who come to mind include

Maisie Carr, who in the 1940s, set up what is now the long running ecology research on the Bogong High Plains.

Legendary alpine ecologist Dr Alec Costin who had more than fifty years experience in the research and management of ecological environments, with particular emphasis on the Australian high mountain ecosystems

Alice Manfield, known as ‘Guide Alice’, who led tourist treks in the early 1900s up on the Mogullumbidj land of the Buffalo plateau

Bangerang man, artist and educator, Eddie Kneebone, who led the campaign to have the range known as The Niggerheads renamed The Jaithmathangs.

More recently, Alan EJ Andrews wonderful book Skiing the Western Faces of Kosciusko opened up the western slopes of the Main Range to a new generation of skiers and riders, while acknowledging the earlier influence and work of Elyne Mitchell

The early skiing pioneers who established remote outposts like Cope Hut, The Feathertop Bungalow, and Cleve Cole hut

Those who campaigned to see the mountains protected as national parks. Visionary campaigners like those in the Town and Country Planning Association, who in 1949 proposed the creation of a large park across the Victorian Alps from Mt Buller to Bogong.

The Alps are the lands of First Nations people. While they seem wild, they are also a storied landscape, that have been loved and fought over for generations. The protections we have now – the massive Alpine National Park and Kosciusko national park for instance, happened because of scientists, researchers and long campaigns. We would like to tell some of these stories in MJ#3.

Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

The fine print

MJ is a 100% volunteer, self funded effort so I cannot offer you payment

I would appreciate profiles and stories of between 600 and 1,000 words, sent in a Word document, and high resolution images that you own or have permission to use, sent seperate to the Word document. Please include a brief (2 – 3 sentance) bio about yourself and any contact details you might like included in teh story

Articles are due by NOV 20 (but feel free to haggle if you have something to propose but need more time

I am also looking for a cover image – something consistent with the theme. See below for the cover of MJ#2, which had a focus on fire

I was thinking to concentrate on the Australian Alps rather than lutruwita/ Tasmania as I feel that the early environmental pioneers are better known there – but please feel to pitch me an idea!

Please get in touch to contribute or suggest an idea: cam.walker@foe.org.au

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