The following comes from the Victorian National Parks Association’s Phil Ingamells.

It’s been six years in preparation, but the Greater Alpine National Parks Draft Management Plan has at last been released for public comment.

Covering five national parks (Alpine, Baw Baw, Errinundra, Mount Buffalo and Snowy River), as well as the Avon Wilderness Park and six smaller parks and historic reserves, this single management plan deals with nearly one-third of Victoria’s park estate.

Not surprisingly, there is little detail in such a broadscale document – but there are some quite specific proposals, such as the current alpine grazing trial. Roofed ‘retreat style accommodation’ is flagged for Mount Buffalo National Park.

Unfortunately the integrity of the draft plan has been marred by the oddly configured Alpine Advisory Committee, required by law to advise on the plan. The committee was appointed without its full quota of environmental advisors, yet has a majority of mountain cattlemen members and supporters.

The 40 maps available online may be difficult to download, but hard copies can be bought from Parks Victoria for $10, phone 13 1963.

Alternatively, you can view the plan and maps at the VNPA office, just call ahead on 03 9347 5188.

We will outline our response to the plan within a few weeks to help anyone making a submission. Comments on the draft are due by Monday 25 August.

Check the VNPA website for additional information.