Both the Lake Mountain and Baw Baw alpine resorts have been going through an extensive planning process and are in the final stages of seeking community input to the various options that have been identified for each resort.

Consultation has led to the creation of Future Direction Papers, which will inform the recommendations that are presented to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

There is an online feedback form available for each resort.

The consultants note ‘all Australian alpine areas are facing uncertainties to their futures including the effects of climate change, changing tourism and recreation industries and a shift in visitor demographics’.

‘We need to hear from everyone to plan for the future of Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain alpine resorts. The outcome of this project will be a set of recommendations that will enable the Victorian Government to make a decision to ensure that the resorts remain a sustainable part of alpine tourism’.

Please visit the project websites to read the Future Directions Papers and provide your feedback on the future options for each resort.

You have until September 4 to contribute.