Richard Swain loves the bush and wildlife of the southern ranges of New South Wales, where he was born. Richard’s deep connection to country and skill as a river guide led him and his partner, Alison to set up Alpine River Adventures. A successful business is now threatened by low water levels in the Snowy River. They both consider climate change is impacting the environment they love.

Where the Water starts is a film that explores connection to place and the impacts of climate change and feral animals on the Snowy Mountains.

As Indigenous Ambassador for the Invasive Species Council, Richard highlights the damage done by feral horses in the Kosciuszko National Park. Their activism provokes a potent backlash from brumby supporters who identify with the mythology surrounding the Man From Snowy River.

However the park is the home of the headwaters of the Snowy, Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers and the delicate alpine ecosystem that supports these vital water sources is being trampled. After fighting the catastrophic wildfires that surrounded his community, Richard continues his campaign with even greater determination.

The film will raise awareness about the real impacts of climate change on Australia’s highly unique and fragile ecosystems. Audiences will see a specific story about the Snowy Monaro region where the campaign to reduce numbers of feral animals that threaten key water sources and the habitat of endangered indigenous species, is being waged. Integral to native species survival is the need to increase their habitat.


It is the final stages of production and the producers need support to finish it.

You can support the project via the Documentary Australia website.

You can follow the project through their facebook page and website.