You may have seen that we are now producing occasional print runs of a Mountain Journal magazine. The first one came out in August this year, is slowly being distributed, and available as a PDF here.

The themes of the first edition were First Nation Voices and Living with Fire. Based on feedback, a popular section was the ‘Around the Campfire’ pages, which feature chats with a number of people.

The second edition will also have a focus on fire but coming from the human side of the story. That’s where I hope you might come in.

I would love to hear your stories:

  • are you a career, seasonal or volunteer firefighter who has been involved in fires in the mountains? Mountain Journal covers lutruwita/Tasmania, the Snowy Mountains, Victorian High Country and mountains of the ACT. I would love to get your story and images. Why are you involved in this work? How has it affected you? What do you love about it?
  • are you living in the mountains and been affected by fire? Maybe your business has been impacted? Maybe your home was threatened, or maybe you have been evacuated? Why do you stay? What draws you back?
  • are you an ecologist studying the impacts of fire on the Australian mountains?

I would love to get your stories. Please email them:

Edition #2 will come out in 2022.

And please share this with any mates who might have good stories to tell. Thanks!

More intense fire seasons are our future. How to we respond, how do we protect the mountains we love? A few ideas here and here.