For the second year, Mountain Journal appeared as a magazine. This year, the print edition was produced as a collaboration with Mandy Lamont of Lamont magazine. It was distributed across resorts and valley towns during early winter.

The plan is to keep producing a printed annual edition, and I would really appreciate your feedback about this year’s edition and your thoughts on what should be in the 2023 edition.

  • Did you like this year’s format of a combined single magazine, with Lamont in the front and Mountain Journal in the back?
  • Do you like the new size? (A5 versus the previous A4)
  • What do you think would make a good theme for 2023? (the 2021 edition had a focus on Where are We? (with statements from 4 traditional owner groups with connection to the Victorian high country). The theme in 2022 is Giving Back to the Mountains (with profiles of many people doing good things
  • The magazine has the following sections as well as the cover theme: News from Home (environmental updates), Around the Campfire (chats with mountain people), Offtrack (a story about an epic adventure in the Alps) and Mountain Culture (news and updates on things like podcasts, films, new businesses and so on). Are there sections you especially like/ dislike, or suggestions on new ones?
  • Does it need a stronger visual focus? – more photos, etc.
  • Do you want to write something (or suggest someone we could profile?) Great! Please get in touch:

feel free to post a comment below, send an email, or go to the MJ facebook page.