Expedition Climb8 is an all-female 800km winter traverse of the Australian Alps, for climate action.

They started their journey on 5th July in Brindabella National Park in the ACT and intend to finish at Mount Baw Baw in Victoria, 8 or 9 weeks later. ‘We aim to be the first winter team to summit all 28 named and unnamed peaks and knolls above 2,000m in the Kosciuszko National Park and the highest 10 peaks in the Victorian Alpine National Park’. They have had  some very difficult conditions and injuries, but keeping on moving. They are almost 4 weeks into the trip.

They are currently getting close to the VIC/NSW border.

As part of Climb8 they are aiming to interview the top 8 Australian ski resorts to learn about their climate change strategies and conservation policies. ‘We are interviewing scientists and conservationists about the impact of climate change on alpine plants, animals, soils, water catchments. Chatting with locals and backcountry communities we hope to understand how these changes are affecting economy and small business. Listening to sovereign First Nations will help us connect to the land and see how important it is to become part of the solution’.

‘It is our hope Climb8 will set a new winter summit benchmark in Australia while becoming a platform for sharing scientific, factual and unbiased information which will promote positive change for our mountains’.

Follow the expedition

There are regular updates (when they have range), each from the perspective of a different team member. You can read these, and follow the expedition here > https://www.facebook.com/expeditionclimb8/

Lots of pictures here > https://www.instagram.com/expeditionclimb8/

They have a crowd fund campaign to support the expedition, available here >